This September, National Women’s Health month, 300 eager women will gather at the shores of Queen’s Surf Beach in Waikiki. They are mothers, teachers, nurses, presidents of companies, executive directors, realtors, massage therapists, sales reps and more. They will gather on September 15, 2013, to challenge their bodies and their minds and compete in Hawaii’s premier all-women’s multi-sport event, the 14th annual Na Wahine Festival.

They will all come to the start line with different goals, dreams, and desires. The race for some will be a celebration of life, a milestone birthday, finally being able to do what they want, a recovery from a death-defying illness, or a challenge to themselves to step outside of their comfort zone. For whatever the reason, the 500-meter swim, the 12-mile bike, and 5k run must be navigated and endured by first-timers and experienced triathletes alike. Some will just be getting their feet wet and may choose the super sprint distance of a 250-meter swim, a 6 mile bike ride and a 1.5 mile run. The sprint duathlon, which is the same distance as the triathlon but starts with a 1 mile run instead of a swim and the swim and spin events are also options for women to choose from.

Before the race, there is a nervous energy, an anxiousness to get the race over with, but a desire to relish the moment. For all participants, the day of the race is a gamble. You trust in your training and you hope to do the best you can on race day, but no one can predict the weather, equipment failure, or an upset stomach. These are the unforeseen mishaps that they all will share.

Triathlon is an amazing way of life. It requires commitment, sacrifice, dedication, and passion. For some, it means a 4:30a.m. run because of the demands of work, or a quick spin on the bike while the neighbor watches the children. It is sacrificing the weekend hours by passing up the party to get a good night’s sleep before the long run or bike ride. It is working out despite an exhausting day on the job when you would rather go home. It is overcoming one’s fears and doubts. This is the universal experience that all athletes share.

There is honor in competition, in reaching out for our dreams. On Sunday, September 14, these women will all race with pride for themselves and for their families. They will step forth and compete on that day knowing that all the hours they rode, ran, and swam will have been worth it. All the sweat and tears will have been worth it. They will come together and live in this moment to be a part of something much bigger than themselves. And when they cross that finish line, the moment of glory will be theirs.

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